Exclusive UK distributor of Miniland


Bebe Distribution is the exclusive UK distributor of Miniland
A collection of dolls, accessories and educational toys.
For over 50 years Miniland has been helping parents and educators to develop the innate potential of children, so that they can shine with their own light.
Miniland Dolls


The Miniland range of diverse dolls helps celebrate diversity through the power of play.

The Miniland Dolls collection focuses on helping little ones understand that they belong in the world.  Promoting inclusivity and acceptance and identifying emotions and feelings through the fun and value of play, helps create a solid foundation for the future.

Miniland Dolls are available in a range of ethnicities and genders and, alongside a collection of accessories, Miniland hope their dolls represent the beauty of our differences and respect every child, no matter their race, sex or condition.

Miniland’s vision is to build a better world for children and their parents and educators, in the hope that future generations can achieve their dreams and make them a reality.  This range of anatomically correct dolls is the perfect start for all children.